Quality Batteries for Your Vehicle

Get Your Auto Battery Tested Annually

The battery is the power plant of your vehicle. It’s important to have it tested annually. River Hills Automotive can test your battery and replace it if necessary. We stock Interstate and ACDelco brand batteries for all makes and models.
Auto battery inspections

Have Your Battery Inspected 

  • Engine cranks slowly
  • Check engine light is on
  • Battery fluid level is low
  • Battery case is inflated
  • Battery is leaking
  • Battery is over 3 years old
  • Frequent need to jumpstart
Battery jumpstart

Need a Jumpstart? Choose River Hills Automotive for Roadside Assistance

If your battery needs a jumpstart, choose River Hills Automotive for friendly roadside assistance. We can even replace your battery if needed. Our experts are also able to assist you with lockouts, winch-outs, fuel delivery, flat tires, and towing. 

Courtesy rides to your home or office are only a call away. Be sure to contact River Hills Automotive for all of your car care needs.
Call now to schedule an appointment for a new battery:
"They are experienced and try to fix car problems in the simplest and cheapest ways possible (rather than more complex and costly ways)."

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Interstate Batteries
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